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The Buyers Guide To Antivirus Software 2018
Need an antivirus provider for your computer? Welcome to our antivirus buyers guide, Choosing an antivirus is becoming a difficult job with more providers in the market than ever. Luckily, we've produced a buyers guide to the most popular protection in the market. Use our listed rankings below to find the right product for you. Please note, in order to keep this website and information free, we receive monetary compensation from some of the providers listed, which may affect the rankings. 
  •  Updated March 2018
Most commonly asked questions about Antivirus
Are you unsure where to start with antivirus? Don’t worry, we’ve spent days and weeks testing all providers, so that you don’t have to. Here we’ve compiled answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about antivirus products.
1 What are the best antivirus products?
There are so many antivirus providers in the market that specialise in many different things, so it’s hard to say which is perfect for you. Most of the Antivirus products use the same technology for locating and removing viruses, so any of the brands listed here will offer top of the table protection. We always recommend looking for a product that is built to remove Viruses, Malware, Adware and Ransomware as many only specialise in one. We also don’t recommend spending a lot on Antivirus, products like TotalAV include the same level of protection as any other antivirus for a fraction of the price.
2 What are the most important features of an Antivirus?
All the main features are important as they work together to keep your system safe from cyber-criminals. At least, you should ensure we use a product that includes a real-time virus scanner, firewall, adware protection, safe-browsing security - these should keep you protected all-around. Click Here to use our side-by-side comparison tool to check that your chosen antivirus includes all of these main features.
3 Does antivirus protect me from identity theft?
This has become one of the most commonly growing questions in the past few months, as identity theft gets named the fastest growing global crime affecting 2 in 5 people. Whilst Antivirus does protect you from the cyber-attacks that can steal your personal data, it does not monitor your identity or help if your identity is compromised. Some providers have partnered with the credit-bureaus to provide identity protection services to their customers, for example this had a major influence on TotalAV’s #1 ranking, they provide full identity protection and credit monitoring to their premium customers.
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Whilst we take great care to rank these products fairly, we do receive monetary commissions from some of the providers listed on this site. This may from time-to-time have an impact on the ranking position of each brand. Please read the disclosure page to find out more.